Have you ever dreamed of living and working from Walla Walla?

You’ve travelled to Walla Walla now several times and love the wine, the food, and the people you’ve met - the total vibe of this place. And the thought has crossed your mind - I could really do this, live here and work here!

Now if you are lucky enough to own your present business, looking to retire in the next 3-5 years or can work remotely, then pack your bags and let’s get you here.

Alternatively, if you have dreamed of owning and working your lifestyle, check out these fab properties.

Now two of these are lodging properties, so if so inclined you could channel your inner innkeeper. The third is a totally cool event space on three acres with a creek. Best yet, the current owner only works 20 weekends (Friday and Saturdays) and makes good $$ and lives in a tremendous home.

The other two are wonderful places to live and you get to decide what work to do here! Many more options (at all price points) are here, you just need to explore them. And I’m the perfect guide to help find how you can live (and work) from Walla Walla. Why wait? Your next life starts now.