Here’s my promise to you 

You want to work with experience

You probably know more than a few real estate agents. Most people do. However, when it comes to buying a home, most people click on a real estate listing and take whoever is the first one to answer their inquiry. While you have a choice of who of the more than 150 real estate agents here in Walla Walla, here’s why you will want to work with me and blue & vine group | eXp Realty.

1. You Won’t Miss The Perfect Home

You are a busy person, you only have time to see the right homes. If you buy with blue & vine group | eXp Realty, we take the time to understand exactly what you want and need.

Rather than selecting just a few homes for you to consider, we use the process of elimination. We find ALL the homes for sale, both on and off the market, and eliminate those that don’t fit your needs and wants.

Here are some of the sources I use to find all the homes for sale:

  • Walla Walla MLS

  • NWMLS MLS (WA biggest listing service)


  • Major internet real estate portals

  • For Sale By Owners

  • Short Sales

  • Homes about to

    • reduce in price

    • fall out of escrow

    • come back on the market

  • Homes not yet on the open market

  • Pocket Listings

  • Discreet Sales

2. You won’t buy a “lemon”

Buying a home is both rationale and emotional experience for most buyers. So here is where I get to be experienced and objective voice who is not afraid to tell you what I think. If a house isn’t a fit, I’ll tell you why. Then it’s up to you to decide. I never want someone to say “My real estate agent never told us that.”

I’ll focus on the condition of the major (read expensive) items that if need to be repaired or replaced could cost you money in the short term. And while we, too, don’t like those scary basements or crowded attics, we know what separates a good house from a bad one. We have access to experienced and detailed inspectors. My reputation as one of the top Walla Walla’s agents has been earned by protecting my Buyer’s interests above all else.

Take advantage of our neighborhood expertise, house expertise, land expertise, winery and vineyard expertise and lodging expertise when you buy with blue & vine group | eXp Realty.

3. You’ll never unknowingly pay too much

Is this the right time to buy? What neighborhoods are hot and which ones are not? Will this home be a good investment? We know the Walla Walla real estate market and the surrounding areas inside and out. We are not afraid to give our opinions and our truths! Buy with blue & vine group | eXp Realty and get the peace of mind that:

  • We have a proven track record and experience

  • Our Market Analysis to determine the market value

  • We are highly trained negotiators – as your dedicated buyer’s agent we never give your money away.

4. You’ll have the negotiation advantage

I’ve been in business for my entire adult life, including several companies that I started and sold, which gives me an advantage as I know how business works. Real estate transactions are business dealings at their core.  Chris Voss, The FBI Negotiator. His best selling book, “Never Split The Difference” features game-changing negotiation techniques. We study and practice these negotiation techniques 3 – 5 hours per week, every week. Buy with blue & vine group | eXp Realty to make sure you get more of what you want.

5.  Our obsession with details means you are protected

We admit to a slight OCD problem at blue & vine group | eXp Realty. We believe that details should never fall through a crack and surprises belong in blue Tiffany boxes. We’ll explain all the tricky legal stuff, make sure you always know what’s coming next and we’ll make sure there is extensive research done before you are completely committed.

Check out our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide. We strive to answer your questions before it occurs to you to ask.

6. Finding the right home is just the start…

From the day you find your home until long after you move in. When you buy with DIGGS you get the benefit of our relationships with:

  • Mortgage professionals

  • Lawyers

  • Tax professionals

  • Movers & Junk Haulers

  • Handy People

  • Trades People

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