T. Macs on the move

TMACS is in the midst of recreating a tremendous new space that promises to deliver even more of what Tommy and Logan are renown masters at providing. 

"TMACS is an established restaurant in the heart of Walla Walla wine country. We opened in Fall of 2005 and after 13 amazing years we are taking a bold step and moving the restaurant to a new location.

We will be the anchor tenant in the new Showroom on Colville Street. The Showroom on Colville sits in a prime location on the corner of Rose and Colville Street, repurposing the historical McCallum Pontiac Building which was used to restore and show cars since the 50s. This space will house a unique mix of locally owned boutiques, home textile stores, artesian markets, tasting rooms and a small collection of eateries. We anticipate this new development to become an integral part of the Walla Walla experience.

With this move, we are introducing new features such as a 300% increase in bar capacity, a high-end cocktail lounge that sits on a second-floor mezzanine, partially open kitchen with service bar, secluded dining and a great view of the historical and Iconic Marcus Whitman Hotel."  

T. Macs new venue (opening early summer)

T. Macs new venue (opening early summer)